Upcoming Events

East Kent District Association (EKDA) runs temporary camping events for up to 5 days (known as Meets or Rallies) or up to 28 days (a Temporary Holiday Site (THS), usually with entertainment and activities planned. 

Any current member of the Caravan and Camping Club can attend our events, you do not have to live in the area.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the current club guidelines limits DA camping to pop-up campsites. 

Polite reminders:

  • For all events we strongly recommend fire buckets outside all units.

  • Please be advised that dogs must be kept on a lead (max 2m), at ALL TIMES .

Forms &


Covid-19 CCC Official Green Paper
EKDA Camping Guidlines
EKDA Rally Plan 2021
EKDA Booking Form - Printing
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